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                      Coming soon

                      Namaaste brings redefined Indian home style cooking & Indian street food from Hawkers & Roadside Cafes to your plates

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                      Some of Our Guest

                      Feedback from our guest.

                      Fantastic evening great food excellent service all covid safe - all on one level - staff were very friendly and knowledgeable - 2 minute walk from the holiday inn - high quality ingredients makes for a very tasty meal - highly recommended

                      Rich Burnham

                      I booked a table for 7pm but then had to reschedule it to 7:45 at the last minute and they were really accommodating of that. We ordered a paneer dish and butter chicken and it was nothing short of delicious. They also organised a small birthday cake with candles for my friends bday which was really nice of them. Overall an amazing experience and will definitely go back...

                      Arun Ananth